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How to Choose Professional Web Design Team

In this modern time, whether you own a small business you need a great website which is a visual face of your brand and the services you provide.

For this you need a professional web design team which can analyze your business and provide you the best website which cannot even solve your all purpose but also have potential to drive best prospective customers that can actually converts.

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What type of Professionals Actually Work on Your Website to make it AWESOME!

There is no proper definition about these professionals so I will frame it in my own words:

Business Analyst: Website is a face of any business so there is extreme importance of “Business Analyst”.

Now what a Business Analyst does for you?

Business Analyst does deep analysis of your business and prepares the demographics of your website. Then he provides his valuable feedback to Web Designing team so that prospective customers targeting website with all things functioning well can be created.

Web Designer: After getting valuable feedback from “Business Analyst”, web designing team works on them which helps them to determine graphics, content, webpage layout and colors of your website as well as locations of navigation menu and buttons.

Web Developer: After design finalization, web developer takes the website from web designer and starts coding to make website run smoothly. Web Developer is responsible for all technical code running behind the scenes. He is responsible to make sure that your website works properly for your online customers.

Graphic Designer: Graphic Designer selects or creates the graphics of your website including web photos, illustrations, logo, layouts, etc. You can think this person as “visual artist” that creates a brand image of your business online.

Internet Marketing or SEO Consultant: Internet Marketing Expert or Consultant helps you to find where your website fits in overall marketing world and how it helps to get more traffic and sales through internet.

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Tips to Hire a Good Web Designing Team

Your choice to hire designer depends on that whether you want to work locally or you want to work with remote team and can guide them easily through communication mediums.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before hiring a web designer or professional web design team:

1. Pay your attention to that how much the team or a freelancer ask you about YOUR BRAND & products. This is quite important. If they don’t know something big about this, how they can reflect your brand or services in your website?

2. Have a look on their portfolio and look for what businesses they have worked with. Is there a same pitch in every design or they have worked on something great?

3. If they don’t work as graphic artist or they don’t have the one in their team then who will be going to handle this job?

4. Ask them whether they had done all or just they worked on programming part.

5. Ask them what they know about Internet Marketing because they are creating a website that is going to meet your all business goals.

A beautiful website is not beautiful for you unless it generates revenue for you.

6. Ask them how they work? Will they invoice you on monthly basis or on certain milestones are? Are there any deposits which you have to make?

7. Have words with some of their recent clients to know how smooth their process is. You want a team who is having good communication and management skills.

8. Make sure you own your domain whether a web designer purchased it for you.

9. Ask your designer for original editable codes so that you can edit code in future.

10. Make sure that your contract states that you own all the copyrights of the website.


Your business website is very much crucial to make your business successful. By interviewing more and more web designers to find the potential candidates. You’re more likely that you will pick one.

If you need any kind of help. Please comment or contact us.

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Avinash Chauhan is Director-VP International Business at Snowmicro. He’s passionate for helping people in various fields of Information Technology. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter. Over the past few years, Avinash has provided strategies and business advice to numerous businesses.

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