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Business Listing : Local Search Ranking Factors 2016 to Boost Your Rankings in Google

Google lays emphasis on having correct business name, business address and verified phone number on internet.

A definite name, address and phone number confirms to Search Engine Giant that your contact information is consistent and conforming to the law.

But what if you don’t exist on that Location???

Google takes user experience very seriously. If your business office is not present physically on that location and you have cheated Google by listing it on maps, Google will not spare you. By this reason Google kicked up all listings of “Virtual Offices”.

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Knowing this that local directory submissions is the only way to seed yourself in Local locations, you must have your own original Name, Address and Phone details to save yourself from being kicked off.

Let me add more to this…

Local directory websites also scrape the information from each other.

Not getting it?

Let me explain with an example.

Suppose you have listed your business on 3 local directory sites A, B, C and you have added information to all these websites. Now, if website ‘A’ wants to scrape business details from website B but it does not have permission for ‘A’ to get your phone number scraped, then ‘A’ will not match your phone number and provides the information to the Search Engine that there is something wrong with your phone number. The same process will be carried out by ‘B’ and ‘C’.

“Yext” look after this issue with their paid campaigns and once you stop paying them, it will generate a down sign for Google about your business. Moreover, these websites are not so quick to tell you that for how much time you will remain in their database.

The 3 Giant Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) Information Providers

The 3 NAP giants Factual, Axiom and Infogroup had built enough trust and authority in the eyes of Google that it also sometimes looked these 3 NAP providers as a trusted information source. Big brands like Facebook and Apple have signed up deals with Factual to use their Map services.

Google also look for resources on Facebook and Apple to make sure about your listed business information.

What else Google do?

When you list your information on Google Local Business Listings, Google sends “Verification code” via post card to confirm whether there is any business with same name on that location or not.

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Waiting for Tips?

Here are the things you want…

1. Verify your Google Business Listing providing correct NAP information

2. Build citations as many as you can over the internet. You can use

3. Find your incomplete citations by searching for your business information.

4. Include a webpage on your website which is fully dedicated to the locations or cities you want to target.

5. Make sure your website must be optimized with locales you want to target.

6. Keep your business information upto date. You can check them on regular interval of time.

7. Include map directions from North South East and West.

The task of finding and completing your local citations is a day work. There’s no other way to do it by signing up and updating the information.

So that are the handy tips that you can use to dirty your hands in achieving higher rankings locally.

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Anish Chauhan

Anish Chauhan is VP Products & Marketing at Snowmicro. He’s the guiding force behind Snowmicro’s mission to help businesses to start & grow through his strategies and skills. He develops resources to empower brands to grow and succeed.

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