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Twilio Alternatives- How to Choose Best Option for You

An exclusive idea with easy to use features, clearly governed success of a customer’s on demand application. You already have the idea of selecting proper appearance and features with right software integrations will not make you to sit on your competitor’s head but will stand you ready to step in the immense future potential.

So what would be the best SMS & Voice API’s for you?

In this blog article, I will tell you about how to choose best SMS and Voice API for your mobile applications in on-demand niche. Apart from comparing the features of the technologies, I have also compared the packages of leading SMS and Voice APIs that will help you to decide the best and cost effective options that will work best with your web applications. There are many other Twilio competitors in this field but Twilio is leading the market. But before knowing the comparison, let’s discuss about the purpose or use of these integrations.

Twilio: Build an International Yet Smarter Phone Just 10 minutes

Do you really want to integrate or use Text SMS & VOIP in your mobile or web app?

I would answer this question as “Yes!”

A custom on-demand web app without SMS and Voice API can be referred as a car with deflated tyres. VOIP services and SMS based notifications is the real backbone of any custom web app or mobile app. They make a bridge of communication between users and service providers. These integrations are needed to enhance overall customer, user and to everyone who is connected to the app. The web apps or mobile apps can work without any integration but the points can make you the picture clearer.

  • Sending Broadcast Messages: Sometimes your business has to make some major announcements about to your visitors or customers. Announcements can be about anything such as promo codes, special discounts and changed prices. To make such messages deliver, you will need some Text SMS API available.
  • OTP or Verification Calls: If you have planned to register new users with your application, it is important to verify their mobile numbers at the time of sign up. Hence, there is a serious need of SMS and VOIP APIs to carry on these verification tasks.
  • In App Texting or Calling: To smoothen the process, custom app requires a way by which administrator can communicate with service providers and vice versa. These requirements have been met by integration SMS and Voice APIs.
  • Number Masking: Sometimes when a service provider has to communicate with customers and vice versa. Then there is a need of number masking to hide the identity due to privacy reasons. VOIP enables customers to interact directly through app without revealing their number.

4 Leading SMS API Providers with their Prices

Here is the price comparison chart for the 4 leading SMS and Voice API providers i.e. Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo and Sinch. Some other basic features are also listed to make you better understand which is the best SMS and VOIP APIs provider for you.

Just Have a Look!

Now, have a look on API features and their pricing.


  • Twilio is having pre-defined text SMS packages where first 5 million messages will cost you $0.0075 and for next 20 million messages it will cost you $0.005 per message.
  • Twilio charges similar for available MMS, shortcodes, etc.
  • Authy, a product of Twilio deals in two way authentication.
  • Twilio gives you a local number with $1 per month charges and toll free number for $2 per month.
  • Call storage and Call recording facility is available for $0.0025 and $0.0005 per minute respectively.

Major companies using Twilio are Coca-Cola, Paypal, Uber, Open Table


  • Plivo offers you free call recording and call storage
  • Outbound Calls are for $0.0030 and inbound are for $0.0210 from toll free numbers
  • Inbound SMS are free for both long codes and short codes
  • It offers you real time delivery reports
  • Vanity numbers are available for $4500/3 months

Major companies using Plivo are Mozilla, Pagerduty, Call Hub, Netflix


  • Nexmo is free for inbound SMS service
  • Phone Verification Service will charge you $0.1350 for successful verfication
  • Prices may vary to get dedicated toll free number and normal number will cost you $0.90/month
  • Nexmo offers you a shared shortcode number for free
  • Inbound shortcode messages will cost you $0.005/SMS

Major Companies using Nexmo are Airbnb, Viber, Alibaba, Expedia


  • Sinch will offer you free app to app calling for first 25,000 minutes and after that you have to just pay $0.005 per minute
  • App to phone calls will charge you $0.01/minute
  • Successful Phone Verifications are for $0.0075/verification

Major companies using Sinch are Tango, Truecaller, Swedbank, Splyt

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Varun Kumar is the Founder & CEO of Snowmicro, a leading IT & ITES solutions partner for many brands & businesses worldwide. He has been working in Twilio and other technologies for the last 10 years. You can connect with him on Facebook.

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